Inauguration of new CEOs (Lee Jung-joon, Lee Kee-geun)
  SNTEK’s new CEOs (Lee Jung-joon and Lee Kee-geun) had their inauguration at the head office of SNTEK BM on September 11, in which more than 150 employees participated. At the ceremony, Lee Jung-joon, the new CEO, said, “I will grow our business by conducting predictable management activities based on our core capabilities. As communication with employees is the most important, I will always listen to your opinions and solve grievances through regular meetings with you.” Lee Kee-geun, the new CEO, also said, “We will focus on cost reduction and organizational innovation for better corporate operation. A project aimed at turning a profit is currently in preparation. I hope your sincere efforts and commitment.” [Jin-kook Kim, senior manager of Management Support Office under the Management Innovation Div., ]
Date: 2019-09-16
Enhancing job capabilities through trainings for employees who were promoted
SNTEK’s 25 employees who were promoted in 2019 completed a tailored training course at the YBM Training Institute located in Jeongnam-myeon, Hwaseong-si, on May 10. The training course was prepared to cultivate basic grounding, form a consensus on the management policy, and encourage their self-development toward changes and innovation. Major programs were as follows: the CEO’s keynote lecture, congratulatory address on their promotion, and Q&A-based communication; internal instructors’ lectures on SNTEK’s vision and mission, smart workplace initiative, in-company business process, and safety management guidelines; and external instructors’ lectures on change management activities for leadership improvement, role & responsibility of each position, and competence enhancement of middle managers needed for boosting communication and cooperation among organizations. The last program was communication with executives at dinner, through which they were able to propose their opinions and talk with each other open-mindedly.   Going forward, the Management Support Office under the Management Innovation Division intends to develop and operate more training programs aimed at strengthening employee capabilities by capitalizing on accumulated database of training results, thereby satisfying their needs for trainings and contribution to corporate growth and profit creation.   [Jin-kook Kim, senior manager of HR & General Affairs Team, Management Support Division,]
Date: 2019-05-10
Conducting the “Love Sharing Event”
SNTEK implemented the love sharing event at the “Subong Rehabilitation Center” located in Subong-ro, Gwonseon-gu, Suwon-si, on April 25. The event was prepared to use full amount of funds raised through the Love Sharing Auction Program conducted as the 2018 Year-end Event for purchasing 20 kilograms of rice and deliver it to a residential home for disabled people “Subong Rehabilitation Center.”  Our company plans to continue the love sharing event with the aim of pursuing shared growth with local communities by donating necessities to the underprivileged and establishing love sharing as a corporate culture. To this end, we will carry out the second Love Sharing Auction Program. [Jin-kook Kim, senior manager of HR & General Affairs Team, Management Support Division,]  
Date: 2019-04-25
Celebrating the achievement of over KRW 100 billion in sales for 2018
SNTEK held an event to celebrate the achievement of over KRW 100 billion in sales for 2018, in which all employees participated. In celebration of the achievement, Kyungjoon An, the CEO and the heads of Sales Division, Production Division, Development Division, and Strategic Procurement Division conducted the rice cake-cutting ceremony. At the event, the CEO said, “In 2018, we attained record high sales in our corporate history. I hope all our employees will make best effort to ensure higher sales and sustainable growth in 2019.”         [Jin-kook Kim, senior manager of HR & General Affairs Team, Management Support Division,]  
Date: 2019-03-04
Holding the year-end party
SNTEK held an event to wrap up the year and make New Year’s resolutions at the head office on December 28, 2018. In the first part of the event, various awards were granted – 10-year Service Award to employees in ten years of continuous service, Honorable SNTEK People Award to those who have contributed to improving corporate growth and achieving management goals, and Frontier Award to excellent employees by each business division. The second part programs were 2018 operating performance review and 2019 business plan by division and watching video clips about major business activities and corporate news for the year. Other programs included “2018 Love-Sharing Auction” and “Sand Art Performance” about corporate milestones. The event allowed all employees of SNTEK to meaningfully wrap up the year and envision a new leap in the coming year. At the event, Kyungjoon An, the CEO, said, “Despite unfavorable business environment, SNTEK achieved record high sales in 2018, which was mainly attributable to your commitment to and responsible for corporate growth. Once again, I appreciate your passion and consistent efforts.” He also asked all employees to make a concerted effort to fulfill responsibility for further sharpening technologies and systemizing work process based on the core values of Passion, Innovation, and Trust with the aim of becoming a hidden champion on the global stage.   [Jin-kook Kim, senior manager of HR & General Affairs Team, Management Support Division,]  
Date: 2018-12-28