Core Technological Competence of EQCELL
Automation Plasma Vacuum Process

EQCELL is proactive in entering new businesses by developing technologies needed for diverse equipment industries based on our core manufacturing technologies.

Our Business Areas
Large size OLED
  • Large-sized panel transportation system
  • Substitution and refinement of vacuum nitrogen CDA
Secondary battery
  • Secondary battery packaging
  • In-line automation equipment
Smart device
  • EMI shielding technology
  • Precise alignment attachment
Flexible display
  • Plasma low-temperature deposition
  • Transparent conducting thin film process
  • Etching, Cleaning, Treatment
  • Semiconductor process diagnosis system
Solar cell
  • Solar cell parts business
Core Technologies
Plasma Technology
We secure new growth engines by focusing on R &D of vacuum & atmospheric plasma technologies
  • Innovative convergence and integration technology that uses plasma a state of matter in which electron and iron are equally existing for various businesses semiconductor display energy bio medicals beauty machinery construction and advanced agriculture
Key Features
Plasma Low-Temperature Process
Creating high-quality conductive thin film under 100℃
(Low resistance + high light transmission)
World’s first mass production (2014)
Plasma Room/High Temperature Process
Creating high-quality conductive thin film that is responsive to customer needs
In-line sputter & PECVD with high-speed deposition capacity and high productivity
High-efficiency cylindrical target and optimized gas head
Plasma Treatment Process
Surface treatment of diverse substances and products
Etching, Annealing, Cleaning, Treatment

Electromagnetic Shield Technology
  • Technology to shield EMI by creating coating film on the surface of semiconductor device within smart products
Key Features
EMI Shield In-line Sputter
Satisfying the condition of thinning the EMI shielding thickness
Realizing the process environment under 100℃ aimed at protecting devices
Superior deposition rate and high productivity of high-quality coating film
Cylindrical type cathode, compact structure
Gas Purification Technology
  • Technology to create optimal vacuum/CDA/N2 treatment environment with the aim of protecting pollution from atmospheric gases moisture and particles
Key Features
Vacuum/CDA/N2 Transportation System for OLED Line
Mass production of the 8th generation large-sized transportation technology under vacuum/CDA/N2 environment
Adopting gas control sealing particle reduction and high-density loading technologies
Gas Substitution/Refinement
Moisture Elimination
Particle Elimination
High-density Loading
Automation System Technology
  • Technology to build a system where entire process ranging from product supply to manufacturing transfer inspection classification storage and packaging is automatically operating
Key Features
Battery packaging automation equipment for the secondary battery manufacturing process
Secondary battery packaging automation process
Pouch-typed secondary battery structure
Precise Alignment Technology in Vacuum
  • Technology applicable to the next-generation premium display manufacturing process which is converged by vacuum technology and precise alignment technology
Key Features
Vacuum assembly chamber
Precise assembly process under vacuum environment
Curved panel assembly technology available for the next-generation display
Minimizing error range absorption & adhesion type ⇒ high durability flatness and design
Display assembly method